Friday, May 06, 2011

Michigan International Women's Expo 2011'

I had a wonderful day with my mother-in-law at the 2011' Women's Expo that came to town this year. It was my first time and her second time. She went last year with her girlfriends and she just raved all about her day. So I went this year with her and her girlfriends and we had a wonderful time and I will definitely be going next year with my girlfriends and with my mother-in-law and her wonderful funny gals.

I wanted to share the day with you by showing off some cool items that I found at the expo and it didn't take me long to purchase my first find. It took less then 10 minutes of entering the expo to be exact, lol. I walked in and there was a brilliant young lady who was able to get her purse booth located right at the entrance and anyone who knows me, knows that I go weak at the knees for purses, lol. So she had me at first glance of her gorgeous designed purses. Her name is Jenna Kator; a local Michigan purse designer and her purses are to die for. Her designs are based on famous cities or landmarks in Michigan and I purchased The Fox based on The Fox theater in downtown Detroit, MI and I love it, check it out. Also Jenna started her business to redesign her life and career when she like many of us Michiganders and others all over the US, lost her job due to the economy, YOU GO GIRL!!

The Fox Theater

The Fox Purse

Jenna has a store located in the fabulous downtown Royal Oak area, so if you are in the area, stop on by her shop, you won't be sorry! Or if you can't make it in to her shop, you can purchase her beautifully designed purses online at; Also see the black fabric with the pretty blue flowers on it that my new beautiful purse is laying on, well get this ladies, that's a dust cover for your new purse and all her purses come with one. Yes I said free dust cover for your purse and ladies you don't get that with the designer purses you find in a store like Macy's nor will those designers replace hardware on the purse if anything should go wrong with the hardware. Well Jenna does! If something does go wrong with your purses hardware (zipper, buckles, straps and more) Jenna will repair the purse, just bring it back to the store either in person or via mail and it's that simple.

She has a store event coming up on May 21st., 2011 called the "JUST NOT PERFECT" SALE on Saturday, May 21st 2011 11AM - 4PM
jenna kator collection - showroom
324 E. Fourth Street | Royal Oak, MI 48

By popular demand the jenna kator collection showroom is hosting a spring “Just Not Perfect" sale where there will be savings up to 70% plus the chance to win a one of a kind handbag!
You will also have the opportunity to meet Jenna Kator!

I also found the most comfortable bra in the universe at the expo. It's creator is a delightful women who understands what we go through with wearing a bra and she designed this fabulous bra with no under wire but gives great support and ladies it feels like heaven! And being a size 26 double D, I know support and comfort ladies and I never had it until that day. My ladies were freed that day and I will never wear another bra ever again! It's called the Buoylift bra and it's wonderful. I left her booth wearing the bra I had purchased and not once that day was I aware I even had a bra on. Check it out here; It's very much worth the money.

Next wonderful item I got was purchased for my hubby and I by my wonderful mother-in-law; Sheryl. Sheryl had been raving to us ever since she purchased her's a year ago at the last expo. It's a pillow that I swear if you purchase, you wont' be sorry nor will you ever have to purchase another pillow for at least 10 years or more. It's called My Pillow and can be found here; I was skeptical at first specially since in the last two years alone we have purchased 10 new pillows of which none stood up to their claims and we had to use two pillows. But after just the first night, I was won over and after the first week of sleeping on my new pillow I would fight if someone tried to take it from me, lol. And the sales lady just asked me a couple simple questions regarding mine and my husbands sleeping habits and she proceeded to give me two different levels/lofts of pillow and she was dead on with her selection. I brought the pillow home, which is vacuumed sealed so all you do it put in the dryer for 15 minutes with a wet cloth and walla your pillow is nice and fluffy and reading to use. When my husband and I laid our heads down that night we couldn't believe how comfortable this pillow was not to mention how we slept so soundly through out the night and woke up feeling so refreshed and charged for the busy day a head of us. It is now 3 weeks later and our pillows are just as firm and fluffy as the first night we laid our heads on them. All you have to do is wash them every month or two and it pops right back to their original firmness. Plus my husband use to snore like a fright train but not any longer, it's amazing and my mother-in-law was so right about these pillows and a big THANKS to her for purchasing them for us. They are a bit expensive but once you compare that to the cost of the MANY pillows you have purchased in just the last 2 years, that alone makes it worth the purchase. Plus there will be no need for using two pillows, this ONE pillow is all you will ever need! And one last reason you should purchase these pillow's, is because they are What better reason then that :-)

And the last thing I would like to share with you today is a FANTASTIC hair artist and salon I discovered at the Women's Expo. There was a unique looking and sounding salon booth there called The Black Salon and you could get your hair cut for $20 or purchase 3 products and get the hair cut for free, normally the haircut is $45. I was attracted for three reasons. One because they were playing Black Sabbath, two because I like the artist's look and third because I have been very unhappy about my hair for over a year and a half now because a hair stylist messed up my bangs cutting them to far back on my crown at the top also it looked like the left side of my hair by my bangs was not blended because she had taken my longer hair on that side and cut over 11" to turn it into bangs, yes I was livid and never happy because my bangs never laid right after that so then about 3 months ago I cut all my hair off, donating 12" of hair to the Locks of Love thinking that would help blend in the area but it didn't but I was happy still that I was able to help a wonderful cause for the third time in my life.

Well after passing The Black salon booth a couple times, I finally decided to sit in The Black Salon chair with junior artist; Mike Herty and it was the best decision I had ever made when it came to my hair and no one else will ever touch my hair again. The things he did with those scissors was amazing! And ladies, I left there with my hair repaired and totally blended in and feeling like a million bucks again! Plus now all I have to do is blow dry my hair and brush it about 12 times on each side and walla I'm done and my hair actual has style because Mike have it definition and shape, it's unbelievable! So if you are looking for a new hair artist, not stylist then go to The Black Salon.

My New Doo

Well that's all for today folks, hope you enjoyed my finds and thanks for stopping by :-)