By downloading Scrappin Robyn's Design product(s), you are granted a Commercial Use license, S4H, S4O and Personal Use to use Scrappin Robyn's Designs product(s) as indicated below and you are also agreeing to the terms of this users license. Scrappin Robyn's Design product(s) are protected by copyright under US copyright law, International Conventions, and other copyright laws.

*Use Scrappin Robyn's Design product(s) to make tags, stationery, blog wear, and digital scrap kits.

*Use Scrappin Robyn's Design products(s) and incorporate them in your digital kit (packaged along with other elements and papers).

*May make modifications to Scrappin Robyn's Design images (size, color, etc.) to suit your needs but you may not claim the altered images as your own.

*Use Scrappin Robyn's Design products(s) to modify or create new art and or graphics.

*Use Scrappin Robyn's Design product(s) to create images for resale in any commercial

*Credit does have to be given to me in your TOU file but appreciated :-)

*Redistribute or sell these items AS IS in their original form as a layered image. Final images MUST BE flattened to a .PNG file or similar. DO NOT save them in other formats and redistribute as such.

*Use these files for creating brushes, tubes, templates, vector-shapes, textures, actions, scripts etc. for resale without written permission from Scrappin Robyn's Designs.

*Share Scrappin Robyn's Design products(s) through groups, blogs, forums, or e-mail without written permission from Scrappin Robyn Designs.

*Add them to any collections for sale or downloading.

*Use any Scrappin Robyn's Design product(s) or produce products from Scrappin Robyn's Design product(s) for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or any other purpose which is prohibited by law.

*You may not replace Scrappin Robyn's Designs product(s) in any online collection or archive; in addition, no images are to be redistributed for financial gain or placed within any compilation CD, software or other reproducible media without my permission.

*You may not share these graphics, zip files or folders (together or separately) with anyone else, if someone is interested in these graphics then please direct them to the location in which you downloaded the graphics so they may download it themselves.

*Please give proper credit.
*When you post a design I'd love to see your work so I can leave a comment.
*If you use any of this kit and get published I would love to get a copy of the publication.

If you have any doubt , comment, or other question that is not answered in Scrappin Robyn's Designs Terms of Use, please contact Scrappin Robyn's Designs through e-mail at rossr122@gmail.com

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