Friday, March 28, 2008

Vegas Strip

This was the outside of the M&M store, way kewl! I LOVE M&M's. I started Aaron collecting M&M holiday figures and stuffed M&M's stuff since we met every holiday I would get him one so while there we found a bride/groom M&M set and ofcourse bought it.

This was way cool also, the M&M store. It was 4 levels of everything you can think of done in M&M's. It was a blast to see!

This is the Paris Hotel/Casino. This place is spatacular!

This is part of the New York New Your Hotel/Casino on the strip. All the hotel/casinos on the strip both old and new are a sight to see.

Now if you have been to the Vegas strip and you are a Coke lover then you know that Pepsi rules out on the Vegas strips and the only time I could get a Coke fix was at the actual coke store. But that was okay because we had a blast checking out the 3 level Coke store, can you say WOW!

We spent this night cruising the Vegas strip and came across this very funny sweet man who made these balloons for donation. We had so much fun as you could tell. We ended up giving them to these cute little girls on our way back to our room on the elevator and they just happen to be in the room next to us, how odd, lol.

These luxry sports cars were also on the strip FOR RENT! Aaron's dream cars!

This was a wonderful 911 Tribute on the new Vegas Strip. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

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