Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Pack

This is Shadow our youngest and our last! He was up for adoption by the MI Humane Society at a local pet store we shopped at and Aaron had lost his beloved George a cat he had for 21 years a few months prior to Shadow showing up at the store. And well Aaron was ready and every time we went in to buy pet supplies he was greeting customers in his cage or up at the register helping out the cashier. When he came in to the house for the very first time it was amazing. EVERY cat I ever introduced to another new animal it would freak out and run with its hair standing up but not Shadow. When he came out of that carry crate he walked right up to each and everyone of our pets as if to say "Hey what's up? Shadow in the house", lol. Amazing I tell you.

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This is our oldest kitty Honey Bunny and she came to us as a stray that we fed at our apartment we had before the house 3 years ago. We fed a ton of cats when we lived there since it was back upped to woods their was so many it broke out hearts so we fed them all! But she was the only one who always looked as though she would love to come in. So finally one day Aaron went out and she did not run and she allowed him to pick her up and the rest was history.

CREDITS: My Silly Kitty Kit by Danielle Engebretson Designs

This is our youngest baby Pomerainian, Chloe and she is 2 years old. My sister worked at a local pet store and we came in one day to visit her and ended up leaving with Chloe. She stole my husbands heart even though he blames it on me, it was really him. She is the real leader of the pack and does an excellent job at it.

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This is Gizmo our middle childe as one would say. He was a gift from my sister Tamie for Christmas 3 years ago and he stole my heart when he peeked his head out from under coat. He is a Bichon-Shitzu mix and is the most laid back dog I have ever seen.

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This is Ceaser our oldest in the pack at the age of 10 years old. He is a Teddy Bear Pomerainian and he is so smart that sometime I swear he is human. I had him back when I was single and before I met my husband Aaron 7 years ago. He has taken it pretty well to how fast and large our family has grown. He is the leader of the pack except when it comes to our only female dog Chloe, then she is the boss of all.

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