Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Frist Blog Award, My first time doing a Photo Challenge, and My first time to give away an Award to my 5 Favorite blogs!

Opps! I apoligize for being such a Newbie at this digital scrapping Eblogging thingy and that is why I am late with this post. I was silly and didn't know I had to post the award to my blog, give the award away to 5 other deserving blogs, do the photo challenge and oh let's see what else, lol! No seriously I do apoligize I didn't know :-) BIG THANKS TO KAT at TragedyScrappinAnn's for giving me my first award Whoo hooo! And here she is, is she not a beaut? LOL :-)

And for the "Picture Challenge" all you have to do is go to your 6th picture folder and then to the 6th picture within that folder and post it on your blog with a discription of the day/events and it's that simple! Enjoy I know I did when I came to my 6th folder 6th picture and saw this photo of my Honey Bunny. I walked in to the room that day and there she was in a spread-eagle sprawl and I just had to snap a picture and the flash ended up waking her up which she was not happy about, lol!


Now the Pressie Award Give-Away where I get to give away 5 awards to my favorite blogs below for the first time! Remember I'm a newbie at this, lol :-) PLEASE go check each of their blogs out and I promise you won't be disappointed! Don't forget to show em some LOVE :-)


1. Kat my niece at TragedyScrappinAnn blog (of course - blush blush) and you can check her stuff out here. But really she does have a great blog and she does great digital scrapbooking layouts and more! Thank you for all your hard work on your blog Love you!

2. Diana at DianaRambles blog. Her blog is great she has all kinds of stuff on there. And you need to check out her custom personalized blog makeover service, she does great work! I know this because of her help I learned how to customize and personalize my own blog by myself. Again Diana THANK YOU!

3. Kubivet Scrapbook Memories blog. Her blog is great and her designs are just unique and beautiful. I have to admit that I can not read her blog because it shows up in her langage but I LOVE IT anyway! Thanks for sharing yoru wonderful work/talents with the digital scrapbooking world!

4. Kim B's Designs blog. Her blog is so interesting because it is filled with all kinds of information and tidbits. I love it and her designs are well just GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing your work/talents with the digital scrapbooking world!

5. Last but not least number five is Linda at Bon Scrapatit I just love her blog and her designs are just out of this world beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work/talents with the digital world!


TragedyScrapinAnne said...

OMG that is so funny, hunny bunny one loose kitty!!!! LOL

Woohooo thanks so much for my award.....LMAO

Wow you picked my tops blogs, yeah them some rocking women in the digi world....

Muahs, Kat

Linda said...

ROFL!!! I am bustin' up at Kat's comment about ONE loose kitty!!! OMGosh! LOL!

We have three dogs and two and half cats (that is because one has adopted us but she darts out the door for some outside time every few days or so!) and I am ALWAYS snapping "funny" photos of them being them silly little selves!

Robyn, I am SO honored to receive this VERY special award from you and to be named in your top FIVE favorite blogs and listed right next to MY faves as well!!! Ms. Kim is the QUEEN "B" (B for Broedelet!!! He, he ...)for sure!

Thank you sweetheart from the depths of my being. I'm, as you can tell, not good at posting them or passing them on, but I do keep a file with all of the pertinent info come the day that I can finally give them the attention that they deserve!


Linda :)

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Thanks for the award!

carlota said...

nice picz of the kitty.

Glad to be here. click your name from cens loft.