Friday, March 13, 2009

Learning how to change blogger with html codes

Hello everyone, please excuse the many changes you might see on my blog over the next weeks to come but I have discovered yet another new passion. Which is how can I really change my bloy layout other then just using a digital kit and adding in an html element. I also wanted more columns and well just more of everything. So I decided to venture in to the world of html codes for blogger and so I will be trying out new templates and what not so please be patient with the look of my blog.

So far I have come across this wonderful site called and she has many free downloadable Blogger templates that you can minipulate, how cool :-)


carlota said...

Hi Robyn blog looking good.

Oh yeah- I just want to thank you for visiting all my blogs and all the comments are truly appreciate it. I tried sending you email it came back. :-( here's my email add

Happy Friday and enjoy your day.

john said...

Professional web flash templates, logo designs at

carlota said...

Hi Robyn- Happy St. Patrick's Day. Enjoy!