Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to Make a Scrapbook Blog Background FINALLY I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT MY MISTAKE!


Well I have not been on here for some time now because I became very frustrated when I could not figure out why my custom blog layouts I created would not load properly on my blog page. I went as far as spending the last 2 months learning what I could on my own about CSS/HTML. That really ended up not being a bad thing though, since now I have decided to go back to school for Web Design and Graphics. But any way back on track. I was so frustrated I just gave up and then last night at 1:00 am I'm fooling around since again I can't sleep. And I try a search using my Firefox browser and I came across a tutorial called How to Make a Scrapbook Blog Background and just like that I created my first blog background layout and loaded it up and it actually worked. My mistake all this time was that I didn't realize when you upload your background image to Photobucket that you have to make sure the "MAX IMAGE SIZE" (at the bottom left corner of uploader - options) is set for "1 megabyte file size". If you do not due this when you upload your images it will shrink them down in size. I learned this through this wonderful tutorial I found by Amanda at her blog, Amanda also gives away a very cute Spring scrap kit freebie that she uses in the tutorial.

If this post will help just one more person from pulling their hair out, then it was so worth it and a BIG THANK YOU AMANDA!! Wonderful, fantastic, great, fabulous job on this TUT!!

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You background looks great Robyn! You did good! :)