Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Check out what I have been up to at Creative Live!

About a year ago I wanted to learn Photoshop CS4, since I already knew Corel Paintshop pro and so I did a search online and came across one of the most informative sites ever called Creative Live and that day started my obsession with Creative Live, lol. That day I purchased my first course from Creative Live called 6 Month-Photoshop and I can not tell you how much knowledge I gained in Photoshop CS4! There is nothing I can't do or create in Photoshop CS4 now and I highly recommend taking this course for any digital scrapper or any newbie wanting to learn Photoshop. My second course I took was the Flash CS4 and I'm still going through those course videos but how awesome is it to learn on your own time. See at Creative Live you can either view the course for Free, yes I said FREE. To view for free all you have to do is tune in the day the live internet broadcast airs or you can purchase the courses as I do, then you can learn on your own time and pace.

Then wouldn't you know it, one day a couple weeks ago I got an email update by Creative Live for their new courses and one in there peaked my curiosity and it was called Photoshop to HTML by Erik Fadiman and this is now my third purchase from Creative Live and I just finished viewing the Course Overview video and I'm so excited, that I could scream, lol. This looks to be yet another wonderful course offered by Creative Live. This course will help me take my Photoshop layouts or any clients printed flat documents and turn them in to websites.

So stop on by Creative Live today and check out the other awesome courses that have to offer and if your interested in the course I'm learning now called Photoshop to HTML, then just click here: http://bit.ly/psdtohtml

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