Sunday, February 21, 2010

I won from Fa maura Designs!

When you start in to the big world of digital scrapping, you tend to begin loving certain designers creations. All designer have their own style and well I am no different, I have my favorite designers and I subscribe to their newsletters so I won't miss a thing. And I can not tell you how glad that I did sign up for their newsletters because today I won from one of my FAVORITE designers; Fa Maura! She ran a contest on her blog giving a chance to win one of her new designs and I loving freebies, left my comment and I won! Check it out! Is it not beautiful or what?

So even though you think signing up for a designer or stores newsletter is a hassle, I'm here to prove you wrong. Not only do they keep you updated on what new creations your favorite designer is working on to but they also inform you of designer/store events coming up like the contest Fa Maura just completed and I WON!!!

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