Sunday, February 07, 2010

Well, I know I have not been around for some time now but I took a little break because I burned myself out. In the last 2 years I have been dabbling in so many different things that I just became overwhelmed and burnt out.

My first passion grew about 4 years ago when I learned about the Paint Shop Pro software program and started to self teach myself. And from there Paint Shop Pro lead me to the awesome and wonderful world of Digital Scrapping, which now became my second obsession, oh I meant passion, lol.

And once I mastered digital scrapping my photos and creating several custom photo hard bound books for family and friends, I started to wonder, "How do they do that?". How do they make these wonderful digital designs, elements, papers, overlay and on and on. It kept me up wondering for night until I started doing a search one night for digital scrapping tutorials and a whole new BIG world opened up once again for me and now I am on to my third obsession/passion. I so wanted to learn how to create my own kits, and other digital products. I was not sure at this point if I ever wanted to become an actual designer but the more I learned, well I do believe I would like to create some freebies for others to create digital scrap layouts of their personal pics. But, you know what they say, "Never say never". And that is when I began, once again teaching myself by a lot of wonderful tutorials which you can find with an online search and then one day my sister sent me an email regarding this course you could purchase and sign up for and it was totally designed to teach you how to create a kit on your own.

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